hospitalitynotecards - How do they handle this kind of...

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Customer and Market Focus How does the restaurant determine its customer group? The restaurant’s customer target group is adults over thirty with emphasis on catering to business during the week and couples on the weekend. How do they collect customer information and how do they use the info? How do they get or research information about customer preferences? Trattoria One41 gains customer feedback by using comment cards on occasion and by directly talking with the customers on a regular basis. Does the restaurant take into account the changing market to fulfill customer expectations? The restaurant changes their menu on a seasonal basis as to always give the guests something new to try while still offering the favorites Does the company follow up with customer complaints?
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Unformatted text preview: How do they handle this kind of situation? Management does a very good job on following up with customer complaints and trying to fix the situation sometimes by offering a gift certificate so the guest will give the restaurant another opportunity to prove to them how great the restaurant really is. Do customers have easy access to management? Customers can get in contact with the owners very easily by calling the restaurant’s phone number or visiting the website and sending an email. Is the company always trying to improve customer relationships? How does the restaurant’s customer satisfaction compare to its competitors? Overall, One41 has a very high rate of customer satisfaction and with all likelihood that number will continue to remain high....
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hospitalitynotecards - How do they handle this kind of...

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