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GEOL 1122 STUDY GUIDE TEST 1 - No eolian processes Mercury...

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Fossil Question = Dino Head Stuff about Titan= Saturns Moon:: Has Sand Dunes Thick Atmosphere High velocity winds and precipitation Evidence of possible fluvial systems- not liquid water Possibly strange liquid gas/acetylene Stuff about Enceladus= Saturns Moon:: Jets of material coming off the surface- icy particles Same geyser-like things off of Triton Warm- some sort of volcanoes could exist (cold ice volcano) With warm ice instead of magma Generate heat for the volcanism- radio elements Tidal flexing do to large gravitational body near by (Gas giant) Probably not enough to produce the volcanos Exothermic reactions from ammonia & other compounds Ridges form from the geyser-like material Methane Levels on Mars= Melting Glaciers How many major Geologic events???????????????????????? Old to young? More to less
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Unformatted text preview: No eolian processes? Mercury Which of the following is true of all radiometric dating techniques? C.At t=0 (i.e., when a rock formed), the concentration of daughter isotopes is approximately 0. The atmospheres of Mars & Venus are composed of more than 95% __________ while the atmospheres of Earth & Titan are dominated by __________. C. carbon dioxide; nitrogen MAP QUESTIONS:: Least intrusions:: schist// metamorphic rock Units I-H-G indicate that c. 500 Ma, sea level in present-day northern Arizona was ____. B. rising Intrusion F is ___________ than the Tapeats Sandstone. A. younger During its formation, the inner solar system was populated by…. A. refractory elements Liquid water is not stable on the surface of Mars today because…. C. The atmospheric pressure is too low...
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GEOL 1122 STUDY GUIDE TEST 1 - No eolian processes Mercury...

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