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Erica Free R. Harris 21 April 2009 Geol 1122 Exam 3/ Take Home #3 Hello all! I am a priceless nugget known as a diamond. I have lived almost 150 miles under the earth’s surface for about one billion years. In the beginning of my days I was merely a lump carbon. Down in the volcanic tube I like to call home, the extreme heat changes through eruptions and pressure of being so low condenses me and forms me into the valuable and beautiful diamond I am today. It is such a phenomenal thing that I am almost as old as the earth is. Nevertheless it takes every day to make me who and what I am today! I have seen some of the hottest days you could ever imagine. Temperatures exceeding 2372°F can make conditions a bit unbearable at times. When I finally made it to the surface I was picked up by this man who was what looked to be an entrepreneur. I am almost certain that this man would neglect every aspect
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Unformatted text preview: of what I have been through and put me on some cheaply made gold band and sell me to some young boy trying to marry. This is the typical life of a diamond though. Spending millions of years underneath the earth’s surface should really have some appreciation but in most cases it is not! My uncle was put on one band and the young lady dropped the thing down the sink. He was never found, but in my heart I know he was back to his home in the ground. Now I live my days in this bag on a man’s side waiting to be placed on some cheap gold band. My days of isolation in the ground for millions of years are over. I will now live happily on some lady’s hand, or in a more unfortunate turn of events, on some bling bling watch....
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