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Erica Free R. Harris 21 April 2009 Geol 1122 Exam 3/ Take Home #2 This morning I woke up to a foggy and damp bed of grass. I lie here looking up and I am so miniscule, blades of grass tower over me like skyscrapers in downtown New York. My family and I live in a grass region that covers most of what is now called Australia. My mother is a stay at home organism. She doesn’t get out too much. My Father on the other hand works with a company called Termites Inc. They cut down trees all day. I have 400 brothers and 150 sisters. It is quite a large family and it is easy to feel left out when we don’t get to see mom and dad but like once a week. On a typical day for me, I generally wake up to the sounds of birds chirping and the sun beginning to bead down over my head. It is somewhat scary in the morning though. Drops of dew can fall from the blades of grass and kill you! To prevent this, we have built
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Unformatted text preview: underground bunkers that we all tend to sleep in or go to when we wake up. After waking up I get to see some of the most marvelous things that exist here on earth. Many dinosaurs live in this region. Most of the large dinosaurs that inhabit these regions are herbivores. Other than these, smaller insects live here as well. I live in the time frame of about 200 million years ago. This time frame is about 50 million years before the extinction of all dinosaurs. One of the most marvelous things I have had the pleasure of witnessing is the separation of Gondwanaland. The earth did not always consist of seven continents. About 300 million to 200 million years ago, it was all one giant land mass known as Gondwanaland. My family is very old. We have been here in this region for more that 100 million years....
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