Geology - that are pushing their way across the Atlantic...

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Erica Free R. Harris 21 April 2009 Geol 1122 Exam 3/ Take Home #1 Good morning America, this morning it is believed that a 10 km asteroid has struck what was Orlando, Florida. This immense alien rock formation struck directly on top of Space Mountain in the late Walt Disney World. The first of these effects are evident on the eastern coast but may be on their way to the rest of the globe. On the eastern coast of America, extreme wildfires have burned their way up the Appalachian Chain completely destroying the eastern coast. These Fires are not just subject to the eastern coast but to the entire earth. The ashes from these wildfires are predicted to spread across the entire globe and cause a “greenhouse” effect. This greenhouse effect will lead to the premature death of many plants and animals that rely on the sun for photosynthesis. Other effects from this deadly catastrophe include several tsunamis
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Unformatted text preview: that are pushing their way across the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. These are extremely powerful and large in size, all reaching thousands of feet in height. Along with other natural disasters, many volcanic eruptions will partake. These eruptions occurring off shore can create new land masses. The forecast for this week, Wildfires abundant with a chance of ash fall. Tsunamis will be approaching northern parts of the east coast soon. Next week, we can expect most of the fires to continue to be burning. Tsunamis already made landfall causing mass destruction. Next month the ash will have covered the skies making everything dark day in and day out. In a year the ash will stay the same. Plant life will struggle to survive with the lack of sunlight. In the result of no vegetation, animal life will begin to start fading away and human life will cease to exist....
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Geology - that are pushing their way across the Atlantic...

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