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MIDTERM- CONSUMER BEHAVIOR 13/03/2010 18:18:00 STUDY GUIDE MATERIAL      1. MARKET SEGMENTATION: subsets TARGETING: choosing a segment  POSITIONING: creating an image 2. MARKET TARGETING STRATEGIES-pg 79 Behavioral- usage behavior, websites visited  Microtargeting- relatively sm. groups given tailor-made msgs using  narrowcasting (the opposite of broadcasting) Concentrated- targets one segment with unique mk mixes Differentiated- several segments with individual mk mixes Countersegmentation- aiming at 2 or more segments combined      3. STAGES OF CONSUMER DECISION PROCESS: Need Recognition- actual state=when product fails, desired state=desire for  something new to trigger the decision process. Prepurchase Search- consumer perceives a need that might be satisfied by a  purchase. The search memory first, then resort to research of their own  (internet)
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This note was uploaded on 03/17/2011 for the course MK 3200 taught by Professor Moschis during the Fall '09 term at Georgia State.

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