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Secondary Medium: Magazines Magazines were chosen as the second largest percentage of our budget because they are a very effective advertising method for our specific target market. It is easy to be selective in choosing who and where people see our ads when we place them in magazines. You are able to pick certain pages, inside front covers, and even inserts where people can pull your ads out for later use. Our product is for snack and dessert purposes, which is also a perfect combination for magazines because people normally read their magazines when they are relaxing. So when they are relaxed and reading their magazine and they see a delicious cookie or dessert item from French Meadow Bakery it will most likely catch their attention. The magazine types that are focused on are women’s, health, food, business
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Unformatted text preview: related, and general interest. Some of the specific magazines used are Health, Natural Health, VegNews, Bon Appetit, BusinessWeek, and Readers Digest. We chose a wide variety of magazines because our target market is likely to read one or more of at least one of these magazines because they are targeted toward higher incomes, healthy people, and special interest groups. The health and food magazines are more targeted toward our female market while the business magazine is mainly for males and the higher income consumers. There will be no introductory period for the magazine portion of the media plan. The reasoning for this is that we want to have a steady advertising flow within our magazines. They will be featured either monthly, weekly, or every other week depending on the magazine and rates provided....
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