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MKRESEARCH_FINAL - 2 Least squares criterion assures a...

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Chapter 17  1. Market Segmentation : primary reason differences are of particular importance to marketers 2. A MEANINGFUL difference is one that the marketing manager can potentially use as a basis for marketing decisions. 3. Independent Samples : two groups that exist in the same sample 4. Paired Samples: the difference between two means for two different questions answered by the same sample of respondents. 5. Analysis of Variance: to compare the means of three, four, five, or more different groups. Chapter 18 1. Relationship : a consistent and systematic linkage between the labels or amounts for two variables. 2. Strength is the relationships consistency between the variables. Chapter 19 1. Extrapolation : Using past experience as a means of predicting the future.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Least squares criterion : assures a researcher that the computed regression equation is the best one possible 3. Residuals are the comparisons of predictions to actual values. Chapter 5 1. Extraneous : Variables that may have some effect on dependent variables yet are not independent variables 2. Validity : observed change in our dependent variable is due to the manipulation of our independent variable AND these results apply to the "real world" Chapter 6 1. Syndicated services data : Secondary data that is sold to multiple subscribers, thus making the costs more reasonable to any one subscriber. Provided by firms that collect data in a standard format and make them available to subscribing firms. Chapter 7 1....
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MKRESEARCH_FINAL - 2 Least squares criterion assures a...

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