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Erica Free Mr. Herder Media, Culture, and Society 16 February 2009 Research Assignment 1: Does Alcohol Advertising Target Young People? Pro 1 Fleming, Kenneth, Esther Thorson, and Charles K. Atkin. "Alcohol Advertising Exposure and Perceptions: Links with Alcohol Expectancies and Intentions to Drink or Drinking in Underaged Youth and Young Adults." Journal of Health Communication 9.1 (Jan. 2004): . EBSCO. Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA. 15 Feb. 2009 < url= direct=true&db=ufh&AN=12252781&loginpage=Login.asp&site=ehost- This study tests whether the impact of alcohol advertising exposure on intentions to drink and actual consumption is mediated by cognitive responses to advertising messages and positive expectancies about alcohol use. The model was tested using survey data of two important age cohorts, 15 to 20 years (n=608) and 21 to 29 years (n=612). The findings show that alcohol advertising was influential in shaping young people’s attitudes and perceptions about alcohol advertising messages. The attitudes and perceptions predicted both positive expectancies and intentions to drink of those under the legal drinking age, but did not affect the young adults’ expectancies and consumption. Positive expectancies were powerful predictors of intentions to drink and consumption for both groups. The effects of alcohol advertising on intentions to drink of those aged 15 to 20 years were mediated by cognitive responses to advertising messages and positive expectancies. The mediation effect was not evident among those between 21 and 29 years. Alcohol advertising plays an important role in shaping young people’s perceptions and attitudes toward alcohol use, sustaining a cultural environment in which drinking is seen as a normal or even favorable activity.” (Gerbner, 1995; Fleming 2004) In this article they have a study on the Mediation Model of Alcohol Advertising Effects, which focuses on four specific hypotheses regarding exposure, attitudes, and perception of alcohol advertising on youth. The two groups tested were from ages 15-20 and 21-29. The study shows that alcohol advertising
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has a direct effect on both of the groups that were examined. This topic relates to my personal life because I am in the 15 to 20 age range and I found many things in the article to be very relevant. For example, one of the hypotheses was that more exposure to alcohol advertising impacted attitudes toward such ads. This is exactly how I felt,
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EricaFreeResearchAssignment1 - Erica Free Mr. Herder Media,...

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