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DataAnalysisProject - Erica Free Individual Data Analysis...

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Erica Free Individual Data Analysis Project MK 4200 MW 3pm Curasi 1. Descriptive Statistics a. Finances 1-7, Credit Cards 1-9, Attitudes 1-18, and Overall 1-3 are all Interval level. Classification 2, 10, and 12 are all nominal level. Classification 1, 3-9, and 11 are all ratio level. b. Attached. 2. Associations/Correlations a. Pearson Correlation: -.338 (how the two variables correlate with one another), The 2-tailed Sig: .000 (statistical significance these variables have on each other), N=376 (the number of people that answered both of these questions) a. Null hypothesis: A persons age does not affect whether or not their parents and/or other family members help with their college expenses. b. The 2-tailed Sig. indicates the statistical significance of the two variables, in this case the sig. was .000 c. The null hypothesis fails. d. The numbers show that there is a relationship between the two variables. It shows that “age” and “my parents and/or family members help with my college
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