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Informative Presentation: Appropriate and Professional Social Networking Purpose: To inform my classmates about the appropriate way to use social networking websites professionally. I. Introduction A. Hello everyone, my name is Erica Free. B. According to the Pew Research Center, 73% of America’s teens and young adults use social networking websites. Whereas 40% of adults over the age of 30 are catching on to the trend. C. Today I would like to talk to you a little about how to correctly use social networking websites. D. First, I have a video I would like to share with you. E. Three important things to recognize when social networking is: knowing your platforms, customizing your profile, and being specific when you want something. Transition: First lets talk about knowing your platforms . II. Body 1) Knowing about the platform you are using to network helps define what is appropriate. a. I am going to talk about three popular platforms specifically today: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. b.
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Business Communication - Informative Presentation...

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