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DJIA PAPER - of Martin Luther King Jr and Robert Kennedy...

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History of Dow Jones Industrial Average The history of the Dow Jones Industrial Average can best be described as a series of ups and downs . The reasoning behind this is because the DJIA relies on the unstable stock market . It started out as a decline, but with the slight mention of tariffs being imposed it starting rising . Soon after it began to rise, many events including wars, recessions, and the great depression made it start to go up and down again . There were many events that affected the DIJA in positive and negative ways . Roosevelt’s New Deal was one of the positive contributors to the rise in the stock as well as the election of Kennedy . Some of the negative events are related with wars including the Cold War and World War II . Other negative effects can be linked to assassinations
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Unformatted text preview: of Martin Luther King Jr . and Robert Kennedy and also the Cuban Missile crisis made an impact on the market . Putting all of the positive and negative events that contributed to the up and down of the market aside, the creation of the Dow Jones Industrial Average was very clever and ahead of the times . Charles Dow’s main focus while creating the DJIA was to make the stock market simpler for the average person . The DJIA is also a way to help the many people involved in the stock market exchange to communicate with one another . Even though the DJIA is known for its history of ups and downs, it is still known for excellence and will continue improving throughout its lifetime ....
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