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Erica Free 8 September 2009 Busa 3000 T/R 9:30am Internet Exercise page 57 GlobalEDGE Why are each of these dimensions important for a nation to have a substantial presence in the global economy and international business? 1. Economic Integration : This section of the global index is important because it deals with trade. In order for a country to have a large impact on the economy they must have a high amount of economic integration. Economic integration helps decrease trade barriers between countries therefore making it much easier to integrate economically between other countries. 2. Personal Contact : The likeability of a country helps with their ranking in the globalization index. The measurement of Personal contact has to do with travel and tourism. If you have many tourists in your country then you must have a lot of presence in the world. With many tourists comes a lot of revenue into the
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Unformatted text preview: country, which is why personal contact is important in international business. 3. Political Engagement : The third dimension of the globalization index has to do with the politics a country is involved in. A country that is a member of several international organizations obviously makes their presence known in the international business world. Helping these global organizations is what makes political engagement such an important factor. 4. Technological Integration: The final section measured when compiling the globalization index rankings deals with technology. Technological integration is a very important factor with how a country fits into the global economy. Technology helps countries keep in touch with the rest of the world through Internet and many other networking tools....
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