Global and Business Practices

Global and Business Practices - BUSA 3000 STUDY GUIDE...

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Unformatted text preview: BUSA 3000 STUDY GUIDE 03/12/2009 13:35:00 CHAPTER SIX Intellectual Property =ideas or works created by ppl or firms (ex:patents,TM) Different forms of government :-Totalitarianism =seek to control every aspect of country, Theocratic or Secular. (ex: Middle East & Africa have some forms. Past countries include China, Germany, Spain, and the Soviet Union)-Som =capital and wealth are invested in the state, used for production rather than profit. Collectivist ideology. (ex: W. Europe, Brazil, India)-Democracy =private property rights and limited govt. (ex: Japan, Germany, Sweden) Mixed political system ex: Australia, Canada, US, and Europe. Types of Legal Systems-Common Law : aka case law, past practices and legal precedents. Judges are able to interpret the law which makes this system pretty flexible. Primarily Judicial. (ex: Britain and the US)-Civil Law : aka code law, clearly written and accessible laws. Primarily legislative. These 2 systems complement each other. (ex: France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Turkey, Mexico, and Latin America) Extraterritoriality = application of home-country laws outside of national borders. Rule of Law = existence of a legal system where rules are clear and are respected by individuals and the government. CHAPTER SEVEN 03/12/2009 13:35:00  Protectionism = National policies to restrict free trade and protect industries from foreign competition. Often leads to specific interventionforeign competition....
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Global and Business Practices - BUSA 3000 STUDY GUIDE...

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