English Ch. 5 - birth order is true, my brother, my sister,...

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Alex Broaddus a. Within my argumentative essay, I engaged 8 different perspectives. b. I also included my own perspective, along with the perspectives of all these other different people and sources. I also included perspectives from different overall statistics. c. I distinguished my views when I integrated in my personal experiences with the youngest, oldest, and middle child. I wrote about my own family, and how I experienced the Birth Order Theory within my own personal relationships. d. I began by saying “my brother”, or “my sister”, to distinguish that it was from my own personal perspective.Yes, I did use clear voice-signaling phrases such as: “He believed, as further studies show,
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Unformatted text preview: birth order is true, my brother, my sister, and from personal experience, are just few of the different phrases that I used in my essay. e. The sources are clearly cited after or before what that specific author or person thought about the issue. My essay also included help from the templates from the book. f. Both options I believe are best suited for my argumentative essay. Citing the sources and also using templates from the book helped to clarify who was saying exactly what in my essay....
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