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Unformatted text preview: Alex Broaddus 1. Gerald Graff, whom wrote the article, Hidden Intellectualism , displays examples of disagreeing in his writing when he says, “Though I too thought I did not “dig the intellectual bit,” I see now that I was unwittingly in training for it. I see now that in the interminable analysis of sports teams, movies, and toughness that my friends and I engaged in, I was already betraying an allegiance to the egghead world.” He also disagrees with the school system by saying, “I believe that street smarts beat out book smarts in our culture not because street smarts are nonintellectual, as we generally suppose, but because they satisfy an intellectual thirst more thoroughly than school culture, which seems pale and boring.” Graff is displaying his biased and personal opinion that he believes street smarts are more important than book smarts in school. 2. Gerald Graff's writing has significant meaning and importance that relates to teenagers today. To do writing and assignments based on sports, cars, fashions, rap music, and other such topics today....
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