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Alex Broaddus 1. The United States should not stop the War on Drugs. I believe there are so many bigger issues that could arise from the complete stoppage of the War on Drugs. If this war were to be stopped, I believe that communities of people all over the world would become addicted, there would be more public criminals and danger in our local areas, and people would abuse their rights. Keeping the drug war alive keeps our communities, family, and children safer. Yes, some readers may challenge my view by insisting that the Drug War has filled the nation's prisons with poor drug addicts and small-time drug dealers, and I do not disagree, but the Drug War and putting criminals in jail does help make our communities that much safer. I do not disagree with that statement, and that is why I believe that marijuana should be legalized along with certain other medicinal drugs. Although I believe approved drugs should be legalized, there should definitely be limits on their usage, just as alcohol does. Certain drugs should be
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