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Alex Broaddus 1. I noticed a pattern with contrast words that I used in my argumentative essay on The Birth Order Theory. I used examples for each one of my arguments on the first, middle, and last born child, relating them to myself and my personal situations with my family. I used transition words at the beginning of all of my paragraphs, beginning to end, but mostly I used contrast words, differentiating the different types of characteristics in each of the different children. I do not think that I rely on certain devices more than others.
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Unformatted text preview: I try to diversify myself in my writing, and always try to change it up, and not be too repetitive. I believe I could have used more addition, elaboration, cause and effect, and concession words within my writing. 2. In my argumentative essay, I believe that I did use both formal and informal language. This is because I was constantly transitioning from my personal experiences to actual facts and scientific theories. I incorporated my writing with research that I found, and landed a good combination of both writing styles....
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