English Ch 7 - Yes I think the templates in this chapter were all very useful and helpful into answering the “so what?” and “who cares?”

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Alex Broaddus 1. In my annotated bibliography, a few of the passages that I used answered the “so what?” and “who cares?” aspect of writing, but the majority of the passages were just factual and informative. I think it is very important to answer these two questions in every writing, because it gives comparison to the readers/listeners, and will ultimately lead a person to either agree or disagree with the choices. Some of the authors in my annotated bibliography actually utilized some of the templates that were provided in the book, or at least mirrored the same types sentence structure. They provided the readers with structures such as, “Some people believe the birth order not to be true, but not all children who were born in their specific order have all the same characteristics. There are exceptions to the rule.” Yes, some of the passages do display a few good techniques that I would use in my own writing.
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Unformatted text preview: Yes, I think the templates in this chapter were all very useful and helpful into answering the “so what?” and “who cares?” questions. They provided a lot of good feedback that all writers could use in their writings. 2. My argumentative essay about the truth of The Birth Order Theory actually did answer the “so what?” and “who cares?” questions. It answers the “so what?” question because it asks if people ever wondered about their destiny and how personality traits can lead someone through life. The “who cares?” question is answered when I mentioned that some people would disagree with The Birth Order Theory, but that there are exceptions to the rule. The “who cares?” was given out to the people who believed they were an exception to the rule or possibly to the people who thought that the Birth Order Theory did not apply to them, when in reality it applies to everyone....
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