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Alex Broaddus 1/23/11 Ch. 1 Assignment 1-3 Question 1. Select two examples of public art (i.e. artwork that is available and visible to the public) in your community or a nearby locality. In the space provided, describe the two pieces of art. Compare the descriptions you have written with those of others in the class. Can you agree on what makes each one attractive or not? If there is disagreement on how you regard the examples of public art, how might these disagreements make it difficult to purchase new works for public display? (1.) When I think of Atlanta, besides the Georgia Dome of course, one thing comes to mind : the Coca-Cola Factory. All of my life I've lived forty-five minutes away in the city of Lawrenceville, Georgia. At a very young age, from what I can remember, the only time my parents took my siblings and I to the city was to see the attractions. After my grandpa passed away, the memory of visiting the Coca Cola Factory with my grandpa and the rest of my family is one of my most cherished memories of him, and the only thing I remember about the city growing up. The Coca Cola Factory is very significant to Atlanta, Georgia for numerous reasons. It is landmarked here in Atlanta because it was the original birth place of Coke, thanks to pharmacist
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Public Service CH. 1 - Alex Broaddus 1/23/11 Ch. 1...

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