world history - Causes of the first world war I Background...

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Causes of the first world war I. Background A. Nationalism 1. Came from the french revolution 2. Daily media supported nationalism 3. Cultivated the demand for colonies B. Imperialism C. A period of swift social change and economic progress 1. Technological advancements 2. Political, cultural, legal institutions did not keep pace with change II. Economic rivalries A. Intense rivalry between British and German 1. Germany producing more goods by 1917*? III. Emperor William II of Germany (1888- 1918) A. Embarked on crash naval program 1. Rapidly built up German navy 2. Wanted to surpass the British, invested heavily 3. British noticed and doubled their progress, intensifying rivalry (2 ships for every single German ship built) IV. Colonial disputes
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A. British and German in Africa 1. Intensified rivalry B. French and German in North Africa V. Conflicting alliance systems A. Bismarck wanted to isolate France, formed Triple Alli- ance (Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy) 1. Claimed members of alliance would support other mem- bers in time of war. B. British responded with Triple Entente 1. Russia, France, Britain 2. Europe divided into two separate alliances VI. Irreconcilable nationalist aspirations A. Austria-Hungary (ten nations and twenty nationalities) (all hated each-other, wanted to do anything to dis
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world history - Causes of the first world war I Background...

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