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Adrian Cappuccitti Chapter 2: Europeans Colonize North America 1600-1650 Dr. Ouattara / HIST 2110 The Spanish were the first ones to settle permanently in the modern United States. The Spanish set up a small outpost named St. Augustine, which is now the oldest inhabited European settlement in the United States. New Mexico came about from a bloody interaction with the Pueblo people that had settled there. The French set up trading posts in what are now Quebec and Montreal. The Jesuits were devoted to converting indigenous people to adopt European methods of living. In the Caribbean, the Spanish focused on settling the Greater Antilles Islands, and other European powers set up bases on the smaller surrounding islands to attack the Spanish. The Eng- lish established control in the Lesser Antilles Islands due to their wants for sugar, but faced dangers from hurricanes. The English made a second attempt to colonize North America because of a large popula-
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Unformatted text preview: tion growth and nutritious American food exports. English Puritans, Separatists, and Catholics fled to America after diverging from the church of England. English traditions in America clashed with the traditions of Native Indians. Traditions such as gender roles, leadership, land ownership, and political power were different for both groups of people, yet both were deeply re-ligious. Chesapeake farmers imported English workers, and indentured servants were contracted to work for 4 to 7 years. Masters could discipline or sell their servants, who worked for 6 days a week, ten to fourteen hours a day. John Winthrop led the first Puritan migration from England to the Massachusetts Bay Company colony. He envisioned a true commonwealth and urged colon-ists to serve as an example for other colonies....
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