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Victoria Hollers Shane McGowan English 1102 31 October, 2010 Is Piracy a Good Thing? In a world where technology is constantly changing, the music industry is striving to keep the integrity of music sales up. In my argument, I feel the illegal downloading of music harms the industry and pressures artists to produce songs that sell lots of albums. Although this argument can be based strongly on the idea that illegal downloading is morally wrong , but the reality is that most people ignore that because the repercussions are not enforced. On the opposing side of my argument, they reinforce the idea that file sharing can be used to have positive effects versus just negative effects. In one of my sources, they assess and evaluate a group of people and their file sharing behaviors. Through the data collected, they found out the most visited sites, most songs listened to, and the artists most popular for a particular area. This information can be used to help record companies and artists to know which area they should go to tour, or even how many downloads of a particular artists will be in that area. Having this knowledge, they can effectively advertise that artist and help their sales. This helps the record companies have a more effective way of reaching the audience and to persuade them to buy music through smart advertising. This knowledge can help recording artists and business to be able to increase their sales of their music in more than one way. As well as making this an effective way of learning the habits of the fans, they also learned that the
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assignment3 opposing view - Victoria Hollers Shane McGowan...

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