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victoriahollersexploratorypaper - Hollers 1 Victoria...

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Hollers 1 Victoria Hollers Shane McGowan English 1102 15 November, 2010 Is Piracy a Good Thing? In a world where technology is constantly changing, the music industry is striving to keep the integrity of music sales up. In my argument, I feel the illegal downloading of music harms the industry and pressures artists to produce songs that sell lots of albums. Although this argument can be based strongly on the idea that illegal downloading is morally wrong , but the reality is that most people ignore that because the repercussions are not enforced. On the opposing side of my argument, they reinforce the idea that file sharing can be used to have positive effects versus just negative effects. Although fire sharing started as a way to share files with other people in the world, the programs have negatively affected the music industry and how artists release their tracks. Most record sales use to come from CD sales, where people bought the physical copy, versus today where people download for free a song that they should be paying for. This fee may not be very large, and the artist does not receive any substantial amount of money from the sale, but listeners should have to pay for the music they download. In return, the artists have a field where they can create songs and release these produced tracks out to the public and not worry about the quality and value of the song detoriating due to lack of protection from illegal downloading. The pirating of songs is still illegal, but the fact that programs such as Limewire existing prove that this Hollers 1
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change which requires more action. In the previous month, Limewire was officially shut down for not being able to produce enough evidence that their services did not break the laws of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Eventually costing them as much as up to 1
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victoriahollersexploratorypaper - Hollers 1 Victoria...

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