Life of Louis Armstrong

Life of Louis Armstrong - Allen Williams Dr. Haydon 3/15/11...

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Allen Williams Dr. Haydon 3/15/11 Louis Armstrong Louis Armstrong was one of the major innovators of jazz. He grew up in the city of New Orleans and was born in 1901. In his early childhood he was nicknamed Satchel mouth because he had a large mouth. He was self taught in his younger years and played the cornet. Later in his life he switched over to the trumpet. He frequently went to Storyville where he observed the bands that played in the dance halls. These bands influenced Armstrong early on in his young career. Later he met Joe “King” Oliver, who was the biggest influence on his music. He taught Armstrong all that he knew and later in his career gave him a spot as the second cornet in his Creole Band. Oliver became Armstrong’s mentor. Early in his career Armstrong had many influences on his music. Other than the bands that played in Storyville there were certain individuals who helped him along the way. Like I stated above Joe “King” Oliver became his mentor. But there were many other musicians. Peter Davis was one of the first real teachers who taught Armstrong. Davis taught him discipline. Among other strong influences were Bunk Johnson, Buddy Petit, and Kid Ory. Armstrong joined Oliver’s Creole Band. In 1923 he made a series of recordings with this band, playing the role of the second cornet. Later on in 1924, he
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Life of Louis Armstrong - Allen Williams Dr. Haydon 3/15/11...

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