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cMyron Christopher Grant RELS 2001/C. Bennett/TR: 11:00-12:15pm Gilamesh Pop Quiz- Group 1 09/30/2010 1) Name and description of the city where the story begins (Gilgamesh's home). a. Uruk. It is civilized. 2) Describe Gilgamesh. What is he like at the beginning of the story? a. Gilgamesh is strong. Two-thirds of his is god and one-third is human. 3) Who do the Gods create to come and deal with Gilgamesh? Describe him. a. Enkidu. “The locks of his hair sprout like Nisaba” (the goddess of grain) and
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Unformatted text preview: “garbed is he like Sumuqan” (the god of cattle). 4) Why does the hunter dislike him? a. Enkidu filled in the traps the hunter dug and he also tore up his traps. He made him forfeit and he does not allow him to engage in fieldcraft. 5) What does Gilgamesh tell the hunter to do when the hunter seeks his advice? a. To distract Enkidu with a harlot-lass. 6) 6) Does it work? a. Yes...
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