school uniforms burns - Williams1 Allen Williams Dr. Burns...

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Williams1 Allen Williams Dr. Burns English 1101 11/11/10 Benefits of School Uniforms Many students across the country would argue for endless hours in order to prevent a mandatory dress code on school campuses. They state that it prohibits self- expression and individuality. However, I have a different view on the implementation of school uniforms on school grounds. I went to a private school, Greater Atlanta Christian School, where school uniforms were used. I truly believe that because of the school uniform there was a sense of unity throughout my school. I believe that school uniforms form discipline, which everyone could use. Having everyone dress the same hinders the ability of children from more financially stable home environments to ridicule the less fortunate. It also teaches students how to dress formal and look professional which can prepare them for their future work environment. Overall, school uniforms provide many benefits for students. School uniforms have many positives effects on the school that implement them, such as; unity, discipline, the prevention of ridicule to the less fortunate, and it also teaches students how to dress formally. School uniforms bring unity within a campus. Unity is greatly important to a school. Judith L. Kapferer states in Socialization of the Symbolic order of School that “The import of symbolic modes of representation and ceremony in the organization of school life lies in the way they are capable of eliciting a unity of all those directly connected with the school in its overall educational project and facilitates a commitment
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school uniforms burns - Williams1 Allen Williams Dr. Burns...

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