English Papers - society. The reason is because many men...

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Allen Williams 10/8/10 Mr. Burns English Article Cleanliness has been something incorporated into our society as “godly”. Our culture looks down on the “hippies” or unclean people that choose to live this way in our society. Recently people have covered up their natural scents with sanitation products such as deodorants. We are told by our culture that we must smell, look, and be clean. But in reality, the chemicals we use to cover up our scents as human beings can be hurtful to our bodies. But the business people who sell these sanitation products to us do not care if they are good or bad for our health. They are just interested in making a profit. If we cover up our own unique smell as human beings we are losing an important aspect, memory and association. This is a key contributor to how humans distinguish one from the other, through our own distinct odors. For example, if a lover does not know their partner’s original scent, just the cologne or perfume, then they are conformed to our
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Unformatted text preview: society. The reason is because many men and women wear the same sanitation products. Society has indeed emphasized and stressed the importance of “cleanliness” through sanitation. But as stated in this article “We no longer know what it is like to be pure, natural human beings, to smell like real human beings.” This has become a major problem as stated in this article. As people in our type of society today, who emphasize the importance of being clean, we should really think hard on this topic and be mindful of it. Perhaps there can be a positive to being “unclean”. But in the end we need to embrace our own odors and scents, and do what we feel is right for ourselves. We do not need to be told what to do by others, but need to do what we feel most comfortable for us. If we start being more open-minded on this issue, then maybe we can come to understand where the “hippies” are coming from, and learn to respect that....
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English Papers - society. The reason is because many men...

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