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Review for Test Number One 1) Read Chpts. 1-3. 2) Review notes. 3) Compare notes to chapters. 4) Know what Federalism is, why we have it, who devised it, how it differs from other forms of government. How it has changed. 5) Know, by title, the 7 Articles of the U.S. Constitution. 6) What is a social contract? What is natural law? Direct and indirect democracy? Majority rule v. minority rights? 7) Understand separation of powers, checks and balances. 8) Know Virginia Plan, New Jersey Plan and Connecticut Compromise. 9) Who were the Federalists and anti-federalists?
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Unformatted text preview: 10) What is the 3/5’s Compromise? 11) Implied, concurrent and express (enumerated) powers? 12) What is Supremacy Clause? Full Faith and Credit? Privileges and Immunities? 13) Types of federal grants? 14) Read the Constitutional amendments except 1-10 and 13-15. Know by reference. 15) Read Federalist Papers #10. 16) How is the Constitution amended? 17) Know dual, centralized and cooperative federalism. 18) FILL OUT SCANTRON ACCURATELY AND COMPLETELY. 19) Doors are locked after 10 minutes....
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