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Why did we lose the war in Vietnam? The United States lost the war in Vietnam mainly because we took a policy that worked in Europe to help stop the spread of Communism and tried to implement it in Asia. The United States struggled with the decision to enter Vietnam in the first place. While they supported Vietnam’s quest for independence, they also opposed it because Ho Chi Minh was a communist. If Vietnam were to come under communist control (which their people supported), it would violate the Truman Doctrine and the Containment policy, and it would be a “spread” of communism. The United States thought that, if Vietnam came under communist control, the other countries would soon follow. Eisenhower agreed to “go along with” the Geneva Conference, but he didn’t sign it. Instead, the United States sent the CIA into Vietnam and take with them Vietnamese political figure Ngo Dinh Diem. Ngo Dinh Diem announces that he is the new leader of South Vietnam and that he was canceling elections because “the communists
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