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Chapter 6.4 - Tip of the tongue Example 7 dwarfs How might...

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Retrieval Listen to the list of words read by your professor: When she is done reading, write down as many as you can remember. How many of you recall… Retrieval: Serial position effect How might the serial position effect be related to study habits and subsequent exam performance? Retrieval: Recall vs. Recognition Retrieval cues Which of these kinds of test questions emphasizes: Recall? Recognition? Multiple choice test? Essay? Fill in the blanks? Matching? When studying, how might recognition of material lead to overconfidence in your memory? Do you assess your recall? Retrieval failure: TOT phenomenon
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Unformatted text preview: Tip of the tongue Example: 7 dwarfs How might the TOT phenomenon affect your memory during exams? How can you help minimize the chances of TOT? Retrieval failure: Encoding specificity Context dependent learning Examples: Location Alcohol Mood How might encoding specificity affect your memory during exams? How can you use it to help you? Retrieval failure: Interference Examples: change of address, romantic partner, etc. Retrieval failure: Motivated forgetting Repression Freud…more about him in Unit 4 Controversial...
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