Chapter 6.3

Chapter 6.3 - beach. Encoding: Elaboration Make meaning!!...

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Depth of Processing Memory processes Encoding Storage Retrieval Getting information into memory Retaining information over time Taking information out of storage Encoding: Attention Selective attention Remember the basketball clip from our first day of class? Divided attention Is it a good idea to multitask while studying? Encoding: Depth of processing Shallow Processing Physical and perceptual features are analyzed. The lines, angles, and contour that make up the physical appearance of an object, such as a car, are detected. Ex: “Car” has a capital letter Intermediate Processing Stimulus is recognized and labeled. The object is recognized as a car. Deep Processing Semantic, meaningful, symbolic characteristics are used. Associations connected with car are brought to mind – you think about the Porsche or Ferrari you hope to buy or the fun you and friends had on spring break when you
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drove a car to the
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Unformatted text preview: beach. Encoding: Elaboration Make meaning!! Think of examples!! Connect to what you know!! Self reference effect Encoding: Imagery Imagine pictures that go with the info to be remembered Make up a story full of imagery Encoding: Organization Not a trick question: What are the days of the week? Now tell me the days in alphabetical order. Chunking Hierarchies Example: instead of trying to rotely memorize the separate definitions related to classical conditioning, group the terms together Encoding: Emotion Video: Emotion and memory Does emotion help or hurt memory? U-shaped curve (moderate emotion = best) Describe the tasks Which hormone was related to better memory? Which brain structure was activated? What seems to be the evolutionary significance of emotion helping memory?...
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Chapter 6.3 - beach. Encoding: Elaboration Make meaning!!...

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