Chapter 6.1

Chapter 6.1 - storage Storage 3-stage model Storage Sensory...

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ilure” is failure of encoding and retrieval, not of storage Forget Forget Chapter 6: Memory Remembering, forgetting, and preparing for the next exam Introduction What was your earliest memory? Write down a bit in your notebook. (Choose a memory you’re comfortable thinking about…this is not meant to be traumatic) How old were you during that memory? 0-2 years 3-5 years 6-8 years 9+ years How emotional was the memory? (emotion can be good or bad) Very emotional Moderately A tiny bit Not at all Personal memories are only one kind of memory We don’t remember early memories Emotion is often connected to memories Introduction: Memory processes Encoding Storage Retrieval Getting information into memory Retaining information over time Taking information out of
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Unformatted text preview: storage Storage: 3-stage model Storage: Sensory memory Duration: Fleeting Capacity: Large Content: Detailed record of sensory experience Echoic (auditory) What did I just say? Iconic (visual): Look at image, then remember letters Storage: Short term (working) memory Duration = 30 seconds Longer with rehearsal Capacity = 7 +/- 2 items More with chunking Content = Awareness Phonological loop Visuospatial sketchpad Central executive Study these lists. Don’t write anything down until they disappear. BVSUAFIMBCTA Now try this list: ABCUSAFBIMTV Same letters…which easier? How might culture/experience affect chunks?...
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Chapter 6.1 - storage Storage 3-stage model Storage Sensory...

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