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Chapter 4 - Consciousness

Chapter 4 - Consciousness - • Nicotine • Amphetamines...

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Chapter 4: Consciousness Reward and Addiction The Reward Pathway: Pleasure In pleasure, is dopamine activity increased or decreased? Lock and key analogy: o Vesicles =Sacks with keys o Neurotransmitters = Keys o Receptors = Locks o Reuptake pumps = Vacuums Ways to increase dopamine activity… o Block reuptake = dopamine stays o in synaptic gap o Cocaine o Amphetamines Increased action potentials = more frequent release of dopamine o Nicotine o Alcohol More dopamine released from vesicles with each action potential
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Unformatted text preview: • Nicotine • Amphetamines The Reward Pathway: Addiction Tolerance Downregulation = “Brain fights back” Withdrawal Dopamine and Parkinson’s Disease Every neurotransmitter = various sites in brain Dopamine = not just reward system Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms Substantia nigra Decreased dopamine production L-Dopa What does it do? Why is not a long-term solution?...
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