Chapter 8.2

Chapter 8.2 - D anaerobic repiration I prokaryotes in harsh...

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Chapter 8 (Cont.) A. electron transfer phosphorylation I. takes place in mitochondria a. O2, NADH,FAHH2,ADP+Pi ETP → H2O, 32 ATP, NAP+, FAD II. oxygen necessary III. ETP causes H+ gradient; H+ drives ATP formation IV. Net yield: 32 APP+H20, NAD+ and FAD B. alcoholic fermentaion I. O2 not avaliable to some cells or species (ot not necessary) (not as much ATP per glucose). End product= glucose a. glycolysis still occurs b. fermentation replaces krebs cycle and ETP c. Co2 is a bi-product d. bread dough, alcoholic beverages. C. Lactate fermentaion I. similar to alcoholic fermentaion. End product = lactate/lactic acid II. lactate is end produce (lactic acid) III. some skeletal muscle cells do this (fast ATP)
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Unformatted text preview: D. anaerobic repiration I. prokaryotes in harsh habits II. no O2 avaliable III. still have ETP, but use other molecules as electron acceptor IV. examples a. methanogens b. swamps c. bogs? E. From light to ATP I. Sunglight II. photosynthesis (light dependent, light independent reactions) III. glucose (used by both plants and animals) IV. respiration: glycolysis, krebs cycle, ETP V. (coming from glycolysis)(anaerobic, ATP A LITTLE) VI. ATP (a lot per glucose) F. energy from other sources I. Fats and proteins: broken down into parts that can be used in glycolysis or Krebs cycle....
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Chapter 8.2 - D anaerobic repiration I prokaryotes in harsh...

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