Chapter 8.1 cellular respiration

Chapter 8.1 cellular respiration - C6H12O6 O2 CO2 H20 ATP D...

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Chapter 8 cellular respiration A. Trophism I. Autotrophs a. Make their own food using energy in their environment. b. Photoautotrophs: plants c. Chemoautotrophs: some bacteria live. in extreme environment II. Heterotrophs: Get food from other organisms (from plants or other heterotrophs) III. Autotrophs and heterotrophs a. Cells undergo repiration B. oxidation and reduction reactions I. Oxidation: the LOSS of electrons II. Reduction: The GAIN of electrons III. oxidation-reduction (redox) reactions: often occur in conjuction (one being oxidized othre reduced) IV. electron transfer chains: series of redox reactions that can harness energy from transferred electrons. C. Photosynthesis and respiratoin I. photosynthesis a. 6H20 + 6CO2 light → 6O2 + C6H12O6 II. respiraion (aerobic) a.
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Unformatted text preview: C6H12O6 +O2 CO2 + H20 +ATP D. Energy from organic molecules I. aerobic respiration II. 3 major steps a. glycolysis b. krebs cycle c. electron transfer (ETP): phosphorylation III. location a. (cytoplasm) Glycolysis mitochondria (krebs, ETP) IV. Fermentation: (anaerobic): in cytoplasm E. Glycolysis I. Take place in the cytoplasm a. glucose, 2ATP, NAD+ GLYCOYSIS pyruvate, 4ATP, NADH II. oxygen not necessary yet III. net yield: 2ATP, 2 pyruvate, 2 NADH\ F. The Krebs cycle I. take place in the mitochondria a. 2 pyruvate, NAD+,FAD, ADP+pi KREBS CYCLE 6 CO2, 2 ATP, 8NADH, 2FADH2 *krebs cycle goes around twice because 2 pyruvates are formed by glycolysis* II. oxygen still not necessary III. net yield: 6CO2, 2ATP, 8NADH, 2FADH2...
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Chapter 8.1 cellular respiration - C6H12O6 O2 CO2 H20 ATP D...

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