Chapter 7.2

Chapter 7.2 - oxygen exit through leafs stomata 1 stomata 2...

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Chapter 7 (cont.) Light Dependent Reactions occur in the thylakoid membrane non-cyclic pathway: produces O2, ATP, and NADPH ( A coenzyme) (when glucose is faster) water is needed for non-cylic pathway. Photolysis → light splitting cyclic pathway: produces ATP, but no O2 or NADPH (when glucose is slower) O2, ATP, NADPH released to stroma plants can use either pathway depending on needs 3. light independent reactions 1. create carbohydrates 2. occur in the stroma of chloroplasts 3. use co2 for carbon source 4. ATP, NADPH, drive the reactions 5. some glucose used right away (cellular respiration) some converted to sugar, some to starch. VI. Plant adaptations - leaf has pores (stomata) CO2 enters, while water and
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Unformatted text preview: oxygen exit through leafs stomata 1. stomata 2. photorespirations happens when : stomata closed (co2 cannot diffuse in, o2 cannot diffuse out) o2 builds up enzyme attaches o2 (not co2) rubisco usually attaches to co2 less sugar made. Photosynthesis going to be less efficient 3. c3 plants: make lots of enzyme to compensate ex. Red maple a c3 plant. 4. c4 plants: different enzyme utilizes co2, make more sugar on dry days. (can be productive even hot days) EX, corn is a c4 plant. 5. CAM plants: opens stomata @ night (extreme climate, desserts) EX. Saguaro cactus: CAM plant...
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Chapter 7.2 - oxygen exit through leafs stomata 1 stomata 2...

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