Chapter 6.2

Chapter 6.2 - -temp. sensitive tyrosinase is not normal @...

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Chapter 6 III. Enzymes 1. enzymes are catalysts *make reactions happen more efficiently *enzymes are proteins *enzymes help reactions happen but they are not used up (not a reactant) 2. orient substrates in a way that will induce reaction. 1. Lock and key model: enzymes have active sights where substrates fits enzymes. substrats=key enzyme=lock 2. enduced fit hypothesis: enzymes doesn't have exact shape. 1 st substrates combines with enzyme. 3. keep water away so it wont interfere -enzymes are specific has active sigh that pits that particular substrate. -some enzymes fit a specific molecule -some fit a class of molecules 3. enzymes and their environment - tyrosinase=give hair pigment (dark) melanin
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Unformatted text preview: -temp. sensitive tyrosinase is not normal @ body temp.-temp. can deactivate the enzyme.-Himalayan rabbit also has temp sensitive tyrosinase PH: pepsin active @ low ph-trypin needs higher ph-higher salt [ ] less active enzymes. Salt interfers and denatures enzyme 3. controls on enzymes-feedback mechanisms-allosteric sites. (enzymes help reactions happen quickly) 4. bioluminescence 1. luciferase: works on luciferin (pigment) 2. luciferin (pigment) reacts with O2 and releases extra energy as light 3. bioluminescence in fireflies used to lure mates-squids lure food (preys)-fungi to lure animals to transmit spores-deopia (sea jelly) to lure prey...
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Chapter 6.2 - -temp. sensitive tyrosinase is not normal @...

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