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Geography Study Guide 1: 1.) Geography: the study of earth, scripture and writings of the earth. Physical and cultural. GIS: Geography Information System , is a computer-based, data-processing tool for gathering, manipulating and analyzing geography information. Pg. 33 Geomorphology: The science that analyzes and describes the orgin, evolution, form, classification, and spatial distribution of landforms. Pg. 13 2.) The content of geography has Physical (environmental) geography and Human (cultural) geography . The continuum of geography shows a distribution –a continuum-along which the content of geography is arranged. Pg. 5 Figure 1.2 for both content and continuum of geography. 3.) Elevation : vertical distance from a datum plane, usually mean sea level to a point above the earth, which is represented by contour lines (online source). Relief: Elevation differences in a local landscape; and expression of local height difference of landforms. (Elevation at peak-base=relief). A mountain has to be greater than 1000 ft (305 meters) to not be a hill. 4.) The geologic time scale: page 325 . Read from the bottom to the top. Such as 1 st . humans were in Quaternary. 5.) Distances within the Universe : 1 light-year= 6 trillion miles. The speed of light is 186,000 miles/ second. The solar system is 11 light-years away. We live in the Milky Way galaxy. 100,000 light years away. 6.) Kilometers to miles . (kilometer multiplied by 0.6214=miles) (miles multiplied by 1.6094=kilometer). Meters to feet . (meter multiplied by 3.2808=feet) (feet multiplied by 0.3048=meter) Appendix 11. 7.) The earth’s latitude =90 degrees north and south. The earth’s grid has longitude =180 degrees east and west. This allows us to find our exact location in the world. Page 18. 8.) GPS : The Global Positioning System comprises 24 orbiting satellites in six orbital planes, that transmit navigational signals for Earth-bound use. You need 3 satellites for process to work. Page 21 tells about the process. Look at figure 1.2.1
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9.) GIS: A system of software, hardware, data, and use which allows us to visualize, manipulate, analyze,
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Geography Study Guide - Geography Study Guide 1 1 Geography...

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