Rights of laborers

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Fidati 3 Hannah Fidati Dr. Kelly Erby History 2110 REVISED COPY 31 January 2011 Question: According to the documents, what right did laborers (all kinds) enjoy? A: As a slave, the conditions of labor were strenuous but the owners also gave slaves certain rights that allowed them to have some rights of their own. One of the rights that laborers enjoyed was being able to have Sundays off duty. According to the document, “On Sundays in the evening they converse with their wives and drink Rum, or Bumbo, and smoak tobacco” (Moraley 37). This would be one of the only days off in the life of a slave but as soon as Monday approached, it was back to heavy-duty labor with constant fear of their masters plaguing their mindsets. Sunday was a blessing for the slaves for it allowed them to have a day of diversion from the dread of hard labor. Another distinct right for slaves was the right to marry. Marriage was often allowed between slaves. The day two slaves were wed was considered one of their
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