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History Set Questions 2 - Fidati 1 Hannah Fidati Dr Kelly...

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Fidati 1 Hannah Fidati Dr. Kelly Erby History 2110 History Set of Questions 2 9 March 2011 History Questions for Rose Gollup Question: What were the writers motivations for coming to America? As a young Jewish girl living in Russia during the 19 th century, Rahel Gollup faced discrimination from the Russian government and pursued the chance to make a living for herself and family in America. In the early 1880’s, the Jewish minority in Russia faced discrimination and attacks by the Russian Czarist edicts. The edicts would tear the Jews from their homes and send them to over populated villages such as Pale of Settlement. The populated village Pale of Settlement was where Rahel Gollup and her family resided during the onset of Jewish attacks. “…the attacks on Jewish communities-known as pogroms-and the expulsion of Jews from numerous Russian towns and cities made life increasingly intolerable for the Jewish minority” (146). Not only were Jews attacked and separated from their families, they were also heavily discriminated against and were, “unable to pursue higher education and a stable economic life” (146). The continuous attacks and increasing discrimination often led many Jews to escape the confines of Russia and immigrate to America. “About 2 million Jews emigrated between 1800- 1914 the vast majority went to the United States” (146). Along with the other thousands of oppressed Jews, the circumstance was the same for Rahel and her family. Rahel’s father fled to America in hopes of making money for the family to all immigrate to America. He worked in
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History Set Questions 2 - Fidati 1 Hannah Fidati Dr Kelly...

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