History Q's Ch. 5

History Q's Ch. 5 - Question 1 Consumption influenced the...

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Question 1.) Consumption influenced the relationship between the American colonies and Britain by giving the colonists what they wanted, consumer objects, and the British what they desired, tobacco and sugar. The Atlantic Commerce shipped tobacco and sugar to the British people, making it possible for even the underprivileged to grab hold of the decadent luxuries of tobacco and sugar. Meanwhile, in return, the American colonies were consumed in British exports of luxurious objects such as fine plating, spices, bedding, wigs, books, and so on. The consumption among the colonists actually brought material uniformity to the colonists from different religions, regions, classes, and statuses, because it made the Colonists look and feel more British. Although the British exports went mostly to the vast European market where the customers outnumbered the colonists one hundred to one, the American colonies became more important after the European market stiffened. After this British exports multiplied. The demands among the colonists gave the colonial consumers the accustomed idea of thinking of themselves as individuals; for once they were able to decide their own quality of life, an attitude of meaning in hierarchal British North America. (PAGE 118-119)
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History Q's Ch. 5 - Question 1 Consumption influenced the...

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