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Fidati 1 .1. Hannah Fidati English 1101 Ms. Nadon Profile 18 March 2010 Profile of a Remarkable Woman A fresh cup of coffee and easygoing conversation set the mood for a perfect lunch date with my admired role model, Mrs. Quinsetta Forde. She swept a golden curl off her wrinkled pale skin as we began talking about life experiences and fond memories. Her glowing demeanor and bubbly personality made for easy and friendly talks. Since the first day I met her at our local church, this beautiful 46-year-old woman has held a special place in my heart. I have always looked up to her with great admiration for all of her life endeavors. Whether it is acquiring formal depth of knowledge, travelling around the world on mission trips, or leading a Christian ministry for oppressed women, Mrs. Quinsetta is truly a remarkable woman. Quinsetta was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa on October 14, 1967. She lived a humble middle class lifestyle with her parents Fred and Sylvia, and her two older sisters Carmella and Priscilla. The family lived with just enough financial income to keep their family from poverty. Quinsetta’s father was the local pastor at the Baptist Church in South Port and did not receive enough substantial income to support the family, because of this barrier her mother enrolled as a full time employee at the church as well. The family had a strong and strict
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Fidati 2 .1. lifestyle, only adhering to their Christian beliefs without venturing out of their personal morals. However, her family was not ideal. Both of my parents were constantly at work and were rarely at home with my sisters and me. This enabled my sisters and me to learn how to take care of ourselves on our own. However, my sisters were constantly bickering over the pettiest of things, so I was inclined to be the peacemaker. It was terribly hard because I had no companion to lean on for moral support and strength. I only had the company of our house cleaner to be my lenient friend (Forde Interview). Despite the strict and disorderly household she grew up in, Quinsetta grew up to be a bright and intuitive young woman. Her outspoken, analytical, and keen personality allowed her brilliant grades all throughout her school years. “I was often back-talking the teachers with my own general knowledge. If they tried to condemn my beliefs, I would fight right back with my own
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Profile1 - Fidati 1.1 Hannah Fidati English 1101 Ms Nadon...

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