Analysis Paper - Fidati 1 Hannah Fidati English 1101 Ms....

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Fidati 1 Hannah Fidati English 1101 Ms. Nadon Analysis Paper 13 April 2010 A Slice of Italy in Georgia Tour De Italy Pizzeria is an award-winning Italian restaurant in the heart of Fayetteville, Georgia. Their impeccable ability to bring Italian cuisine to the heart of southern Georgia is refreshing and delectable. The luscious food, tranquil environment, and impeccable hospitality made Tour De Italy the “hang out spot,” in Fayetteville, Georgia. Most Italian restaurants in the south manipulate the rich Italian cuisine and turn the fine cooking into a butchered version of “fried delicacy.” However, Tour De Italy sets itself apart with the winning combination of unique Italian cuisine, refined quality, and charming character. The award-winning restaurant has captured the essence and cuisine of Italy all within a local southern restaurant. The sweet smell of homemade bread sticks and pizza caress the senses as the eyes engage in the general splendor of the quant dining area. Chandeliers softly light the room as the serene sound of Frank Sinatra plays in the background. The ambiance of the room is relaxing and calm with a hint of leisure. There is no hustle and bustle about the atmosphere but more of a tranquil oasis with heavenly food. Much credit is also due to the impeccable cleanliness of the restaurant. There were not any greasy booths, trashy bathrooms, or dirty floors unlike other local restaurants nearby. Their grade “A” cleanliness helps to make the restaurant all that much more
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This note was uploaded on 03/20/2011 for the course ENGL 1111 taught by Professor Ms.nadon during the Spring '10 term at Georgia State University, Atlanta.

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Analysis Paper - Fidati 1 Hannah Fidati English 1101 Ms....

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