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Field Journal - organizations such as Koinonia where they...

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Fidati 1 Hannah Fidati Dr. Firestone GSU 1010 Field Journal 28 April 2010 My Next Steps… As freshman year is winding down to a close, I have learned a great deal about my future and myself in the past three months. People always told me that college is your defining moment in life, where you find out who you are as a person and what you want out of life, and now I whole-heartedly believe them. I have come to identify with certain organizations I am passionate about, learn about different majors that I am interested in, and discovered how hard work really does pay off in the end. However, I am also skeptical about some of the choices I will have to make in the near future at GSU such as declaring a major. Three of my greatest passions in life are my religion, photography, and fighting against human trafficking. I have developed myself in these different areas with on campus
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Unformatted text preview: organizations such as Koinonia, where they discuss Christianity and volunteer with StreetGrace to help stop human trafficking. Now I have to decide what major allows me these passions, if one or the other. Ones thing for sure, I am going to strive to keep my grades at an A average, further my passions for the on campus organization, and develop more involvement at GSU. Since it was my first semester, I was still in the shock of all that college put on the table, the amount of homework and diversity. Now that I have a more comfortable presence and know how to handle my ever so busy schedule, I hope to become more involved on campus and pursue my passions in the following years to come at Georgia State. Fidati 2...
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Field Journal - organizations such as Koinonia where they...

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