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Hannah Fidati Dr. Misty Wilson SPCH 1000/Preparation Outline March 31, 2010 Photography Introduction I. Gain Attention: The art of telling a story with no words and capturing a single moment in time is photography. II. Tie to Audience: Most of us know what photography is because we use it in our modern day lives, whether it is looking at photographs in our textbooks or pulling out our camera phones to capture an image. III. Establish Credibility: As a photographer myself, I have taken multiple classes on this art and have thoroughly researched the general knowledge and history of photography. IV. State Thesis: Photography has changed dramatically over the past centuries; however, it has always stayed the same in how it affects society with its impeccable voice of view. V. Preview Main Points: Today, I will share with you the history behind this ever- growing hobby, how it was invented, and the impact photography has always had on society from the 17 th century to present day. Transition: Now let us dive into the history of photography and how this art came to be.
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Photography - Hannah Fidati Dr Misty Wilson SPCH...

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