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Edward Borroni English 1102 Griffin 2/21/11 Life Is Beautiful I recently had the very great pleasure of watching the dramatic comedy Life is Beautiful directed by the great Roberto Benigni. Although I was skeptical about the movie at first, after an initial viewing, I discovered what a masterpiece and a piece of artwork it truly is. From the beginning to the end it tells of the playful Guido, who is as goofy and outgoing as Benigni is in real life, in his struggle through the hardships of being Jewish man in the time of Fascism. The story tells of the good spirit and the cheer Guido keeps despite difficulty that this man is faced with and the cruelty of seeing his family torn apart by the Nazis. The movie opens with Guido and his friend, Ferruccio driving through an open forest setting while reciting a play about the joys of freedom. This establishes a perfect opening for the movie ahead due to this initial complete freedom that the two are experiencing. They are two young men that have not a worry in the world looking for a better life in the city. This first scene of freedom immediately opens into the comedy expected from such a character when Guido finds the breaks malfunctioning and is then mistaken for a fascist general. This moment of comedy shows how the character takes things how they come and how due to his playful personality, he can to take difficult situations with a kind disposition. The hilarity continues when Guido mistakenly finds the love of his life when she literally falls into his
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life - Edward Borroni English 1102 Griffin 2/21/11 Life Is...

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