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Edward Borroni Global Issues Dr. Grussendorf 10/12/10 Position Paper Topic #2 To Achieve Global Security the World Needs to Get Rid of Nuclear Weapons Among many topics that have created controversy throughout the past six decades, perhaps none is more important or more dangerous than that of nuclear weapons. Ever since the United States first created and used nuclear weapons against the nation of Japan, nuclear warfare has been an active possibility, a threat, and at times, almost a certainty. For decades now, numerous nations across the world have had enough nuclear power to destroy the globe several times over. These nations, at the push of a button, have the power to end life as it is currently known. Such power in the hands of human beings is unacceptable and, without a doubt, a danger to life on Earth. In the interest of achieving global security, every nation around the world must rid itself of all nuclear weaponry, and must agree to never create any more. In this manner, nuclear weapons of any sort would cease to exist and the people of Earth would be one step closer to achieving global security. Ever since the end of the Cold War, the existence of nuclear weapons has been a constantly increasing liability. Though useful at one point in history, the existence of these weapons now poses solely as a threat for the global population. The current nuclear proliferation of nations such as North Korea and Iran is exemplary of this. The nuclear tests and uranium enrichment experiments that the two nations are undertaking stand as evidence that a nuclear war could be fast approaching (Shultz, Perry, Kissinger, & Nunn, 2007). The threats of a nuclear war
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Position_Paper[1] - Edward Borroni Global Issues Dr....

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