3. Education and Inequality - Borroni 1 Edward Borroni...

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Borroni 1 Edward Borroni Sociology 1160 Ainsworth 12/10/10 The Problems with Education and their Effects on Inequality There is no doubt that social class has an enormous effect on the outcome of one’s education, that there are incredible disparities among social classes when it comes to schooling, and that something must be done to resolve or at least lessen these disparities and the educational gap that exists between the various social classes. No one is stronger in his beliefs of this than Mr. Richard Rothstein. In his discussions he goes into great detail about what causes these disparities and various theories and reforms on how to resolve them. Rothstein has very specific ideas about closing the educational gap including exactly what needs to be done, the price of putting these reforms in action, and where the money for these reforms is going to come from. He specifically states and emphasizes the fact that simply teaching the lower class or disadvantaged children basic skills will not suffice in bridging the gap. He says how what is needed is for students to be taught basic and more advanced skills together in order for the two to reinforce each other and for disadvantaged children to have what they need. By advanced skills, Rothstein means the higher level thinking and non-cognitive skills that are so common and so important with upper middle and higher class students. These non- cognitive skills include things such as perseverance, self-confidence, self-discipline, punctuality, communication skills, social responsibility, the ability to work with others, and the ability to resolve conflicts. These skills which are so vital in the everyday life of a successful adult are not
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3. Education and Inequality - Borroni 1 Edward Borroni...

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