4. Wealth and Inequality - Borroni 1 Edward Borroni...

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Borroni 1 Edward Borroni Sociology 1160 Ainsworth 12/10/10 The Crucial Link Between Wealth and Inequality Among the many things that shape a person, education is one of the most important and most prized all over the world. People everywhere understand and respect the fact that the key to being successful and having a prosperous life is getting a good education. Unfortunately it is also a well known fact that education is not a right that is open to everyone and even among the people who do have access to said treasure; it is by no means equal for all. The primary factor in establishing this is wealth. It is sadly true that education is not impartial and that those with access to wealth have it much better off than those who do not. The worst part of it all is that this inequality ends up being a circle. There are those who start off with wealth, use it to get a good education, in turn use the education to get a good job and end up back at wealth. On the other and much more likely hand there are the people that start from poverty, get a mediocre education, use the mediocre education to get a low end job, and end up back at poverty. It is a vicious cycle which is difficult to get out of and as predictable very few are able to. This leads to not only inequality in the schooling one has access to, but every aspect of their life. The fragile beginning that going to a good school provides is the pedestal upon which one bases his or her life. When this pedestal is unstable and unable to support the weight, it comes crumbling down and along with it, all of one’s life and opportunities. There are countless ways in which ones wealth can be used as a push in the right
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4. Wealth and Inequality - Borroni 1 Edward Borroni...

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